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Navigating Commercial Insurance for Your Online Business

Protect your online business with tailored commercial insurance. Safeguard against cyber threats, liabilities, and disruptions. In the vibrant digital landscape, throughout the province and locally as well, online business is flourishing. No matter where they are, entrepreneurs can harness the power of the internet to bring their products and services to a huge, global audience. […]

How to Make Changes to Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Learn how to seamlessly initiate changes to a homeowner’s insurance polic. Protect your home with updated adjustments. For most of us, there is no bigger investment than owning a home. Insuring it properly is vital to securing your safety and peace of mind. Keeping your homeowner’s insurance policy current and up-to-date is the security net […]

Travel Insurance: Essential Protection for Canadian Travels

Enjoy your Canadian travels this summer. Remember to protect yourself with travel insurance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Travelling is a wonderful opportunity for joy and discovery, even if you don’t leave our Canadian borders. But, as with travelling anywhere, as you explore the wonders of Canada, there’s always the chance for the […]

What to Do After An Auto Accident – A Guide For BC Drivers

Prompt reporting and documentation – what BC drivers need to do after an auto accident. Getting involved in an accident can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. As a responsible driver in British Columbia, it’s crucial to know the steps to take immediately after an accident occurs. When you follow the correct procedures, you can […]

Why Have Canadian Home Insurance Rates Increased in 2022?

Between increased inflation and several other factors, 2022 saw increasing Canadian home insurance rates. According to reporting by RatesDotCa, we Canadian homeowners have seen our home insurance rates increase by an average of 5% through 2022. Last year, for homeowners in Ontario, their home insurance cost about $1,342. This year? The 5% increase meant an […]

Changes in Your Life? 5 Updates For Your Home Insurance Broker

Changes occur in everyone’s life. Be sure to update your home insurance broker to ensure that you have the appropriate coverage. There’s a great deal that can happen and change in a year – the length of a typical home insurance policy. Yes, your coverage will return seamlessly every year. But, when you make any […]

Summertime is Party-Time! Prepare Your Home For Safe Gathering 

It’s summertime! That means summer parties indoors and out. Prepare your home for a safe gathering this summer with a few easy tips. This is the first summer since 2019 that we feel a greater sense of ease and freedom to get together with a lot of friends and family. And there’s nothing like blissful, […]

Prevent Hazards and Potential Losses Caused By Hot Work

Losses caused by hot work are among the leading reasons mid-size commercial or industrial properties make insurance claims. One of the leading causes of fire in Canada, and one of the top three reasons for mid-size commercial or industrial property losses is from hot work operations. Hot work is any occupation that involves working with ignition […]