Prepare Your Home For Safe Gathering

Summertime is Party-Time! Prepare Your Home For Safe Gathering 

It’s summertime! That means summer parties indoors and out. Prepare your home for a safe gathering this summer with a few easy tips.

This is the first summer since 2019 that we feel a greater sense of ease and freedom to get together with a lot of friends and family. And there’s nothing like blissful, lazy, long summer days enjoyed with the people we love. It’s the time of year, apart from the Holiday Season, when we are inspired to enjoy casual happy hours with the neighbours, host backyard BBQs, and get the family together from near and far.

But, don’t leave safety to chance. An unexpected accident could easily put a damper on the easy-breezy summer celebrations… or worse. Prepare your home for safe gathering with your favourite people this summer with the peace of mind that everyone will have a wonderful time – and be eager to return!

Host a safe gathering – the basics!

We have very few months in a year to host parties outdoors. That means last-minute get-togethers and hurried preparations before we host our friends and family. Consequently, we overlook those things that might pose safety hazards to our guests. A few simple tips can help you be the hostest with the mostest knowing your loved ones can enjoy themselves in and around your home without risk.

Before you welcome your guests, here are a few things to do to make your home summer party ready:

  • Make sure the party area is tidy – free of clutter – and well-lit.
  • Trips and slips happen easily. Be sure that where people walk is free of debris, level, and safe
  • Stock up the First Aid kit and ensure you can access it easily
  • Avoid skirmishes or dangers from or to your pets. If you have pets that aren’t people- or crowd-friendly, ensure they are either kept in a safe and comfortable room out of the fray or that you provide Fido with a sitter
  • Consider moving any valuables (art, electronics, etc.) to a more secure spot to prevent damage (or theft!)

Fire up the BBQ – safely!

Snacks, appetizers, and even meals are typically on the menu for any summer gathering. It also means that the barbeque – or stove and oven – is often left unattended as you move from your kitchen to your patio or deck preparing food.

Did you know? Cooking is the number 1 cause of house fires in Canada. Even a little mistake can be potentially disastrous. As you cook, keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Someone should monitor the BBQ at all times
  • Keep small children away from the BBQ
  • To keep your BBQ
  • Ensure the BBQ is on level ground and clear of branches, trees, and shrubs
  • Never add fire starter after the BBQ is on and lit
  • Keep your areas for food preparation clean and grease-free. Also, sharp objects are safely placed on counters so they don’t drop on toes – and keep them away from the little kids!
  • Keep bags, papers, gifts, etc. well away from BBQ or stovetop
  • Once you’re ready to serve and leave the kitchen or BBQ, turn off all heat sources – burners and grills
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher close by

Bring on the bevvies – with care!

Of course, most summer get-togethers will include a range of cocktails, beer, and wine. There’s nothing like a warm summer evening to wind down with your favourite refreshments. And you want your guests to relax and enjoy themselves! But, as a responsible host, it’s up to you to:

  • Make non-alcoholic beverages equally available
  • Be sure that you serve ample food along with the bevvies – encourage everyone to bring their fave appies!
  • Be aware of how much everyone is drinking.
  • Know if there are underage guests and if they are drinking, too.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption and remain sober to ensure the care and safety of your guests.
  • Ensure there is a designated driver available to drive guests home. Alternatively, have cash on hand if you need to send someone home in a taxi.

Safety should be the priority when you host any event, big or small. After all, as the host, you could be responsible for the actions of the guests at your party. Consider familiarizing yourself with the social host liability guidelines.

CONTACT US to review your current home insurance policy to determine your coverage in the event of damage to property or physical harm to (or by) a guest.