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RV and Motorhome Insurance Coverage – Leave Home Prepared!

Hit the road in your RV this fall with Google maps AND peace of mind – inadequate insurance could derail your roadtrip!

As you make your plans to head south in your motorhome, fifth wheel, tent trailer or travel trailer, it’s important that you’ve crossed all of your Ts and dotted all of your Is – adding the purchase of insurance to the top of your todo list!

You’ve invested too significantly in these assets and they should have the appropriate coverage to ensure they’re protected in the event of anything unexpected.

Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels

Like your car or truck, travel trailers and fifth wheels can be insured through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) or another insurance company. For instance, when you purchase a “Vehicle Travel Protection” package from ICBC for your auto, the camper or trailer that you are towing will also be protected.

But, it’s not uncommon for there to be limits to the protection included under a policy like this. Ask us! 

Whether brand new or a cool, vintage model we’ll customize a package specific to your needs.  Guaranteed replacement cost is available through most insurers for models 10 years or newer. An insured total loss in the first 10 years could be settled with a new current model year unit.

Your home insurance can often cover some of the contents of your trailer or fifth wheel—up to certain limits. Additional coverage may be required if those limits aren’t sufficient to cover the true value of the contents of your trailer including awnings and outbuildings.

Insurance for Your Motorhome

Not so unlike the insurance you would purchase for your car, truck, or van, purchasing insurance for your motorhome includes the standard vehicle insurance elements. It becomes a little different when you start talking about “standard equipment” and “contents”, items not typically covered by the insurance policy for your car.

“Standard equipment” includes particular components that are attached to the motorhome, such as your fridge or stove. “Contents” covered refer to belongings such as linens, pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, etc.

Questions? Contact us for a complete list of items considered “standard” and “contents”.

Additional Coverage for Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

There are other coverage options to make sure valuable assets in your RV or trailer are fully covered:

Comprehensive Coverage: For protection from just about any direct, sudden, and accidental loss, including collision, fire, smoke, flood, landslide, hail, windstorm, animals, vandalism, low branches or overhangs, theft, and lightning.

Unit in Storage: Trailers, fifth wheels, tent trailers, and campers require special insurance while in storage. If they are used as living accommodation, they require still another type of coverage.

Attached Accessories: Includes awnings, satellite dishes, and TV antennas.

Emergency Expenses: Pays for lodging or travel home if your rig is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss more than 50 miles from home.

Campsite/Vacation Liability: Provides liability coverage when you are parked and using your motorhome as a residence.

Replacement Cost Policy: This type of policy provides broad coverage, with the standard insurance exclusions, and a replacement cost settlement that is based on the current depreciated value of the motorhome or travel trailers.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Policy: This policy also provides broad coverage with the standard exclusions, but the replacement costs are calculated based on the value of providing a new, but comparable, motorhome or travel trailer.

Full Timers Coverage: Provides comprehensive personal liability, stored personal contents, and additional living expense coverage if you are living full-time in your motorhome or travel trailer.

Take advantage of our emergency vacation insurance, as most losses occur while away from home. Talk to us!