The Creston Valley has prime flat water kayaking or canoeing waterways. Not only are there over 17000 acres of wetlands to paddle on (includes Duck Lake and managed by the CVWMA) but there is also the meandering wide Kootenay River that snakes through the Creston Valley to the magnificent Kootenay Lake. All these launching sites are within an easy drive of the town of Creston. Wildlife is abundant in this area. Watch a bear take a bath from your floating seat. Paddle passed a moose, deer, elk, otters and beavers. Head your kayak towards a large flock of Trumpeter Swans during spring and fall. Blue Herons wait to the last minute to take flight upon your approach. Bald Eagles and Osprey are often seen within or near their nests from the water. Water fowl blanket the water and song birds fill the shrubs along the water’s edge. There is no better way to view wildlife than from a quiet unobtrusive kayak or canoe.

There are several launch sites along the Kootenay River. Duck Lake launch sites can easily be accessed on the south side of the lake from Channel Road or the north end off Hwy 3A. An easy access point for the Kootenay Lake is Kuskanook Harbour, although many launch locations can be sighted along the Hwy 3A. Many kayakers and canoeist enjoy paddling along the countless channels in the area known as the flats and the launch sites can easily be spotted from a car. The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Interpretation Center provides guided tours throughout the summer months, perfect for those people without kayaks and canoes.

The locations identified on this map are commonly used unapproved launch sites and some cross the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) or private farm land or the dyking districts (best to get permission). So please be considerate when you cross these lands. Have fun!

Written by Debby Johnson

Kayaking Map