Cyclist Paradise

Loops in the Creston Valley

The Creston Valley’s country roads and terrain with its wide valley of bench and delta lands is ideal for cyclists because it makes for an abundance of cycling routes (beyond what is listed here) and roadside activities (e.g. rivers to wade or fish in). The valley’s charming farms, vistas, forests and rivers contribute to some spectacular and varied scenery.

The Creston Valley is noted for its mild winters, often making cycling possible all four seasons for the avid cyclist. The photos posted here were taken in November 2003 unless otherwise posted.

Water & Fowl Loop

23 km Return Trip Through West Creston: Follow along Hwy 3 from Creston to West Creston Rd and Nicks Island Rd then back to Creston.

  • Rest Stop: Creston Wildlife Center or Esso
  • Picnic: Wildlife Center or Summit Creek Park or along Kootenay River banks or Old Kootenay River Ferry Landing (near bridge at the end of Nicks Island Rd)
  • Excursions: View Indian Paintings on rock cropping at Reclamation Rd and Granary Rd., Cool off in Corn Creek, Hike Balancing Rock Trail, Tour Wildlife Center and Summit Creek Park trails.

Rolling Farmland Loop

23km Return Trip Through Canyon-Lister: Follow Along Hwy 3 from Creston to Canyon Lister Road (ride over the canyon) to 24th Street and Back Along Hwy 21.

  • Rest Stop: Canyon Country Store or Creston Golf Course or Canyon Park (turn up 48th Street)
  • Picnic: Goat River Canyon or in along route or Lower Goat River
  • Excursions: Lengthen or shorten route with other Canyon/Lister paved roads.

All those who use this cycling loop listing do so at their own discretion. The cyclist must consider seasonal road conditions and natural hazards when traveling along routes. Extra care must be taken when riding with children, as traffic is heavier along the highways. During the summer months highway routes also experience an increase in traffic due to tourism and summer activities. It is mandatory that helmets be worn in BC. Roadside activities must consider water levels and regulations (provincial fisheries). Please leave the countryside as you found it or better.

Have fun and be safe!

Debby Johnson,
Another proud resident